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Английский язык. 1993... the year I was born.

1993... the year I was born.

I was born on 15 June, 1993, in Jeskazgan. Our family a long time lived in Jeskazgan. But six years ago we moved to Almaty.


In Kazakhstan was took the first Constitution and the national currency tenge was introduced. In Russia were held elections in the first State Duma of the Russian Federation. In Somali on 3 – 4 October was the Battle of the Black Sea.


In Orleans was created the Entente Orleans basketball club. In Shanghai was the 7th women’s championship of Asia in volleyball. In Moscow was the international men’s tennis tournament Kremlin Cup 1993. This year started own career Nigerian boxer David Ayzon.


On 24 February was conceived the new language of programming "Ruby”. In January was the 13th long-term expedition to the station "Mir”. On 16th July in London was the presentation of game console Amiga CD32.


In this year was created the German metal group "Rammstein”. In California was created the American new-metal group "Korn”. AC/DC made the soundtrack for the film "Last Action Hero”. It was the song "Big Gun”. The British death-metal group Carcass created the new album "Heartwork”, after which their guitarist Michael Emott left this group.

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