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Экзамен по английскому языку 2011. Вопросы с ответами.
Внимание: [q] - вопрос, [a] - ответ, во всех вопросах требуется заполнить пропуски.

[q] When I lived in Manchester, I... in a bank.
[a] worked

[q] What is ... name? - Peter.
[a] his

[q] The Earth ... round the Sun.
[a] goes

[q] Tom's father ... him how to drive when he ... 17.
[a] taught, was

[q] My brothers and I ... good tennis players.
[a] are

[q] Why ... you angry with me?
[a] are

[q] Well, why ... you have a word with yours boss?
[a] do not

[q] What music ... your husband like?
[a] does

[q] Ann .. at home but her children ... at school.
[a] is, are

[q] . . . you usually go home for lunch?
[a] Do

[q] My father... newspapers every evening.
[a] reads

[q] When ... you last go to the cinema?
[a] did

[q] My job is very interesting. I ... a lot of people.
[a] meet

[q] There is ... rice in the cupboard.
[a] some

[q] I usually have ... cup of tea in the morning.
[a] a

[q] Bill ... at home last weekend because of his business trip.
[a] wasn't

[q] Did you ... that when Shakespeare was alive there ... no actresses, only male actors?
[a] know, were

[q] A nurse looks ... people in the hospital.
[a] after

[q] He speaks German, but he ... speak French.
[a] doesn't

[q] How ... money do you have on you ?
[a] much

[q] His boss ... angry with him because he ... late for work three times last week.
[a] was, was

[q] When ... he arrive home yesterday?
[a] did

[q] We don't go to school... Sundays.
[a] on

[q] He goes to work ...bus.
[a] by

[q] The first movies with sound ... in 1927.
[a] has appeared

[q] He ... play chess when he was five.
[a] could

[q] We ... lunch ... the airport while we were waiting for our plane.
[a] had, at

[q] She can ... three languages fluently.
[a] speak

[q] Picasso ... born in Malaga.
[a] was

[q] It was a very slow train. It... at every station.
[a] stopped

[q] I don't like ... to discos.
[a] going

[q] There are ... letters for you on the table.
[a] some

[q] ... you cleaned the car yet?
[a] Have

[q] They haven't walked in the Hide Park ... .
[a] yet

[q] Ann ... (not) often drink tea.
[a] doesn't

[q] The swimming bath ... at 9.00 every Sunday.
[a] opens

[q] What time ... in Britain?
[a] does the bank close

[q] I have a car but I... it very often.
[a] don't use

[q] How many cigarettes ... a day?
[a] do you smoke

[q] I haven't ... my old school friends for ages.
[a] seen

[q] Where ... from?
[a] does your father come

[q] The postman ... us mail in the morning.
[a] brings

[q] Sue's car isn't big. She wants a ... one.
[a] bigger

[q] The Moskva River ... into the Oka.
[a] flows

[q] I ...just... my plane ticket to Paris. Here it is.
[a] have, bought

[q] I ... what you mean.
[a] don't understand

[q] Andrew never ... music classes.
[a] misses

[q] The Olympic games ... every four year.
[a] take place

[q] Are you interested ... art and music?
[a] in

[q] The letter he wrote was full ... mistakes.
[a] of

[q] What kind of books ... reading ?
[a] do you like

[q] London is ... than New York.
[a] older

[q] Concord is the ... passenger plane in the world.
[a] fastest

[q] Peter bought... watch in the shop.
[a] expensive

[q] Who is the ... in your family?
[a] youngest

[q] ... you got a flat?
[a] Have

[q] I ...that evening listening to records.
[a] spent

[q] She ... very old and needed someone to look after her.
[a] was

[q] This house isn't very modern. I prefer ... houses.
[a] more modern

[q] They ... going to visit Disney World.
[a] are

[q] Charlie Chaplin died in 1978. He ... a famous film star.
[a] was

[q] Emily had a big breakfast, so she ... have any lunch.
[a] didn't

[q] ... Sam and Sarah have a good time at the concert last week-end?.
[a] Did

[q] Tom ... tired this morning. He stayed in bed until 10 o'clock.
[a] was

[q] AlI people ... the party yesterday.
[a] enjoyed

[q] My pencil broke so I... it from a friend.
[a] borrowed

[q] I am ... to the cinema tonight.
[a] going

[q] ... you know that Marco Polo brought spaghetti back from China?
[a] Did

[q] Mary ... milk.
[a] doesn't like

[q] Jack London is ... well-known American writer.
[a] a

[q] There is ... piece of chalk on the table.
[a] a

[q] There are ... oranges on the table.
[a] some

[q] There aren't ... cups in the cupboard.
[a] any

[q] In Britain children get presents ... Christmas.
[a] on

[q] There aren't ... good restaurants in our town.
[a] any

[q] ... Petrovs are our neighbors.
[a] The

[q] He was bom in ... small Russian town.
[a] a

[q] ... sun was high in ... sky.
[Р°] The, the

[q] Is there ... water in the kettle.
[a] any

[q] Can I have ... coffee, please?
[a] some

[q] Are there ... Japanese students in your class ?
[a] any

[q] We usually ... coffee after our evening meal.
[a] have

[q] I am going to the post office ... some stamps.
[a] to buy

[q] It ... a lot of money to stay at luxury hotels.
[a] costs

[q] I ... never... him before.
[a] have, seen

[q] These dinosaur bones ... here for 200 million years.
[a] have been

[q] I ... New York four times this year.
[a] have visited

[q] ... you ever... a member of any political party?
[a] have, been

[q] I visited Holland ... the tulips.
[a] to see

[q] How long ... you ... there?
[a] have, lived

[q] ... you ever ... a rock concert?
[a] have, seen

[q] I can speak English ... than you.
[a] better

[q] She ... him at her cousin's house.
[a] has met

[q] Monica and her father ... to many countries.
[a] have travelled

[q] The plants ... if you don't water them.
[a] won't grow

[q] Mary ... a lot of books.
[a] has written

[q] ... you ever ... Indian food?
[a] Have, eaten

[q] ... you ... the car yet? - Yes, I've cleaned it.
[a] Have, cleaned

[q] He ... a ticket for your plane.
[a] has bought

[q] She ... never ... to Hollywood but she doesn't regret it.
[a] has, been
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